PDFTextScanner solution: DKK 2.940 DKK (395€)+ VAT

Our Windows based solution can be installed on any Windows computer without further costs.  

Our scanner solution requires a BSI capable Brother scanner (all newer Brother scanners and multifunction printers) for example ADS-2800W 40 pages/min:  2.960 DKK (398€) + VAT + Delivery costs. The Brother scanner can be a scanner you allready own or have delivered by your normal hardware supplier or by us.

The scanner solution can be delivered including a cloud storage solution starting at 148 DKK (19.90€) / month + VAT, no user limitation (“starting” means 2 vCPUs, 4 GB memory, 80 GB SSD storage, 4 TB/mth transfer – the same as the site, you are presently visiting)

The scanner solution can be delivered including a WordPress managed homepage starting at 4.800 DKK (640€) + VAT + 80 DKK (11€)/ month. (“starting” means shared web hosting of a site with a couple of pages and a couple of post categories).

Also see the information on our danish site: infoshare.dk pdf-tekst-scanner

Further information and ordering, use email admin@infoshare.dk.